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BinDoc Analytics is designed to help you analyze hospitals and the hospital market holistically by connecting different data and sources in order to quickly identify sales potential and improve the sales and marketing process.

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BinDoc Intuitive Individual

  • What is the market share and future growth potential?
  • What is the sales potential in which region?
  • Which hospital provides the relevant procedures for dV?
  • What does the business case look like from the hospital's point of view?

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BinDoc InEK Cost Analysis

The InEK Cost Analysis compares the target costs with the actual costs at the hospital level, department level and DRG level. This allows analyzes to be performed both at the meta level and at the detail level. In addition, an automated portfolio analysis is carried out to give the clinics recommendations for action. 

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BinDoc Break-Even Calculator

With the break-even analysis, the break-even point can be calculated for individual procedures of the daVinci spectrum or entire medical departments. For each procedure, cost advantages and retention potentials are calculated.

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